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Alternatives to Guardianship and Guardianship (November 2017)

Provides an overview of guardianship alternatives in Massachusetts including SDM, health care proxies, and powers of attorney. Also provides overview of guardianship in Massachusetts, including information about the rights of individuals who are subject to guardianship.

Visit resource: Alternatives to Guardianship and Guardianship


TASH Connections Supported Decision-Making (2017)

A special issue of TASH Connections on Supported Decision-Making. Articles include:

  • Supported Decision Making and Deinstitutionalization: Lessons Learned from the Autistic Self Advocacy Network’s
    Invitational Summit by Kelly Israel
  • Supported Decision-Making for People with Disabilities: International Origins and Influences by Robert D. Dinerstein
  • Supported Decision-Making: Legal Basis and Practical Application by Robert D. Fleischner
  • Reflections on Autonomy by Dohn Hoyle
  • Supported Decision-Making in Tennessee by Lauren Pearson
  • Supported Decision-Making and Alternatives to Guardianship by Families by Kathy Brill

Visit resource: TASH Connections Supported Decision-Making