Photo of Jimmy wearing headphones

Jimmy is a friendly and outgoing 19-year-old young man from Agawam. He is passionate about playing video games on Nintendo, e-sports, and creative arts. Jimmy loves exploring his community and participating in activities like bowling, mini golf, and shopping. He also enjoys eating out at restaurants. Jimmy is close with his family. He speaks both Vietnamese and English.

After graduating from Agawam High School last year, Jimmy began attending college at Holyoke Community College through the MA Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative where he is thriving. Among other things, he is studying art and 2D design. His long-term goals are to get a part-time job and continue with his artwork.

Jimmy’s mother Kathy was considering placing him under guardianship when he turned 18, but she did not feel it was the right option for her son. Jimmy receives services through Multicultural Community Services, one of the agencies that participated in the Massachusetts SDM pilots with CPR. Through his navigator at Multicultural Community Services, Jimmy and Kathy learned about the SDM pilot. After learning more about SDM, Jimmy and his family decided it would be a great option for him. Jimmy chose his supporters and signed a supported decision-making agreement very quickly, avoiding the unnecessary guardianship that Jimmy and his family did not want.

Jimmy has used SDM to make lots of choices. Because of supported decision-making he has retained his rights and is free to make his own choices. He has used SDM to help him with a number of financial decisions — like choosing to save up for a Nintendo video game system, and preparing to learn the skills required to live independently. SDM has been a success for Jimmy.

Photo of Jimmy in graduation gown posing with family.
Photo of Jimmy and mother posing on bow of boat.

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