Headshot of Meaghan
Photo of Meaghan hugging one of her supporters

Meaghan joined CPR and Nonotuck’s SDM pilot project because she felt it was important in her life and to her future.

Meaghan lives in Dalton with her parents and her brothers. She loves to spend time every Saturday with her grandparents. Meaghan enjoys spending time with her family, listening to music by Elvis, and watching her favorite TV shows, like Law and Order. Meaghan loves to participate in the annual Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome Awareness with her entire extended family. One year she and her family went as the Pink Ladies Team from Grease. She receives services from Nonotuck

Meaghan has chosen her parents, her five brothers, her grandparents, and her friend to be on her SDM Network. Her mother, Joellen Stedman, describes SDM as “the perfect option” for Meaghan and the family.

Meaghan has relied on family support throughout her life, and has embraced the idea of supported decision-making because it allows her to make her own choices and receive family support when she needs clarity.

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