Photo of Kathy smiling
Photo of Kathy posting with one of her supporters and her signed SDM agreement

Kathy's Story

Kathy lives in Cheshire, Massachusetts with her sister Linda. For last 10 years, Kathy has worked at Zip N Zort as a Production Worker through the Advantage Employment Network. During Kathy’s leisure time, she loves to visit with friends, go shopping and out to dinner with her friend Brian. Kathy enjoys playing games on her computer at home and working on arts and crafts. Kathy is a Berkshire self-advocate and represents her group at monthly regional Self Advocacy meetings. She receives services through Nonotuck Resource Associates

Kathy has been a participant in CPR’s SDM pilot since its inception. Kathy selected Linda and her other sister, Lori, to be her supporters. She likes supported decision-making because it allows her to consult with her sisters on major decisions, but still make her own choices. Linda says supported decision-making is a good alternative to guardianship for Kathy because it enables Kathy to remain independent.

Kathy has used supported decision-making to help her make decisions about romantic relationships. She also worked with her sister Linda to make health care decisions, including a choice to stop taking a medication that was causing her side effects. Her sister Laurie providers her support with financial decision-making, like support in how to save money. 

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