Supported Decision-Making can change lives

Hear from SDM adopters from CPR’s pilot projects about how their lives were transformed. Our pilot participants have wide-ranging needs and life desires. For each of them, SDM has increased their independence and autonomy.

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Supported Decision-Making Stories

Photo of Cory smiling

Meet Cory

Cory Carlotto is a young man in his twenties and lives at home with his family in the Berkshires. Cory’s interests include music, cars, and outings with friends. 

Photo of Amanda smiling

Meet Amanda

Amanda Benoit is a well-traveled young woman from the Berkshires. She enjoys exploring the country with friends and family.

Photo of Jimmy wearing headphones

Meet Jimmy

Jimmy is a friendly and outgoing 19-year-old young man from Agawam. He is passionate about playing video games on Nintendo, e-sports, and creative arts.

It’s really fun. It helps people with disabilities have their independence even though they have support through it all.​

It feels so much better because my parents aren’t so in charge of me anymore. I have some independence now.​

Photo of Christian giving a thumbs up

Meet Christian

Chris is a 29-year-old man who lives in Hinsdale, Massachusetts, with his with his mother, Sally, his niece, Marta, and her family.

Photo of Craig with his supporters

Meet Craig

I like to go out to eat at local restaurants, take guitar lessons, go to movies, bars, concerts, sporting events such as: Red Sox, Celtics, and WWE. I love to go on vacation.

Photo of Johnathan

Meet Johnathan

Johnathan is a friendly, outgoing man from Dalton who lives with a loving and supportive family. He has chosen family members, relatives, and a friend to be on his supported decision-making team.

I have a new leaf on family tree.​

Feel good. Life is better. Explain to me. Have people I trust and like.​

Photo of Kathy

Meet Kathy

Kathy lives in Cheshire, Massachusetts with her sister Linda. For last 10 years, Kathy has worked at Zip N Zort as a Production Worker through the Advantage Employment Network.

Photo of Meaghan

Meet Meaghan

Meaghan joined CPR and Nonotuck’s SDM pilot project because she felt it was important in her life and to her future. Meaghan lives in Dalton with her parents and her brothers. She loves to spend time every Saturday with her grandparents.

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