Craig and his supporters
Craig and his supporters

About Craig

I like to go out to eat at local restaurants, take guitar lessons, go to movies, bars, concerts, sporting events such as:  Red Sox, Celtics, and WWE. I love to go on vacation. I have been to California, Washington D.C., Florida, and South Carolina and am planning a vacation to Nashville next month.  I have a busy week working around 8-10 hours at “The Original Bob’s Discount.” I enjoy hanging with my co-workers. I go to the gym and have a personal trainer. I have to grocery shop every week and do chores around my home.  I live with a roommate in a house right in the middle of downtown Fairhaven.  I like to plan vacations with my supporters but usually once a year also plan a family vacation with mom, sister, brother in law, and nephew. I have Down Syndrome.  I am 31 years old.

Craig’s letter in support of Massachusetts SDM legislation.

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SDM gives me and my family a paper to show other people that I can make my own decisions and that people shouldn’t decide things for me but help me decide for myself.

How Craig uses Supported Decision-making:

I have a signed agreement and a signed healthcare proxy as well as a durable power of attorney. My Mom, my sister Kathryn, and supporters Leigh and Chris. I can make my own decisions with help understanding. My family has always informed me and kept me in the loop so that it’s my life.  Mom and Dad never wanted guardianship: they always wanted me to learn to make my own decisions. I decide on vacations – where and with who I want to go with. I decide on what I want to do weekly and what I want to buy. I am always supported and informed on my medical needs: even when I hate getting shots and IV’s, I know why I need them.

Craig's Values

It is important to me not to be told what to do but to be given choices.  I like “alone” time or “down time” to hang in my “man cave” and watch TV and play video games.  My family is very important and I want to see Mom, Dad, and my sisters at least weekly.  I really like my staff and supporters.

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