Headshot of Johnathan

Video courtesy of Nonotuck Resource Associates, partner in CPR’s first SDM Pilot.

Johnathan's Story

Johnathan is a friendly, outgoing man from Dalton who lives with a loving and supportive family. He has chosen family members, relatives, and a friend to be on his supported decision-making team. Johnathan, who has Down Syndrome, knows who to turn to when he needs help. As his mother, Shelley, explains, “The SDM Pilot Project was the best option at helping Johnathan keep his voice and keeping his support in the family and the people he trusts.” Johnathan also is a member of the Center for Public Representation’s SDM Advisory Council for the pilot with Nonotuck Resource Associates

Johnathan is a huge 80’s music fan and loves listening to his favorite radio station B95.5. He also enjoys hanging out with his friends and joining them on vacation. In addition, he likes to go on dates with his friend Paige. Johnathan is a valued employee at Guido’s Marketplace where he has worked for the last five years. Johnathan is in the Adult Family Care Program through Nonotuck and attends many Nonotuck events in the community.

Johnathan has helped create videos about his experiences using SDM and being a member of the Advisory Council. The videos will supplement SDM PowerPoint presentations at events and conferences.  

Johnathan values SDM because it allows him to make his own life choices with help from family members and network supporters. 

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