As part of the pilots we have worked on, Center for Public Representation has developed a Supported Decision-Making Agreement form. We have worked with many people who have used SDM and have made this Agreement form work with their needs — but it is just an example.  There are sections of the form that you can personalize.  You might want to add more supporters, or you might want to state how your supporters should work together.  Or you might live in a state that has specific rules for what the form needs to look like.

Center for Public Representation’s Supported Decision-Making Agreement Form

Two people reading document
Christian and his attorney review his SDM agreement a final time before it is notarized


There are many other examples of Supported Decision-Making Agreements which you may wish to look at. The National Resource Center on Supported Decision-Making maintains a list of SDM Model agreements. Some state’s Protection and Advocacy Systems (P&As) — like those in Florida and Texas — have developed on-line Supported Decision-Making Agreement generators.

Be careful – Some states with Supported Decision-Making laws have specific Agreement forms or other rules you have to follow. If you live in a state that has an SDM Agreement law, you should talk with someone in your state to make sure your Agreement will work.