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Amicus Brief in Britney Spears case (July 13, 2021)

Amicus brief filed in Britney Spears’ conservatorship case by American Civil Liberties Union with the support of Center for Public Representation and 25 civil rights and disability rights organizations.

The amicus brief argues that Britney Spears has the right to select her own attorney for her conservatorship proceedings. The brief also urges the court to ensure Ms. Spears has access to assistance and tools, including supported decision-making, to make this choice.

Read our statement about the amicus brief here.

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Matter of Dameris L. (January 2012)

Case removing guardianship in favor of supported decision-making model.

“Based on all the evidence in this case, Dameris has demonstrated that she is able to exercise her legal capacity, to make and act on her own decisions, with the assistance of a support network which has come together for her since she first appeared in this court. Terminating the letters of guardianship previously granted to Cruz and Alberto recognizes them, instead, as persons assisting and supporting her autonomy, not superseding it. Terminating the guardianship recognizes and affirms Dameris’s constitutional rights and human rights”

In re Guardianship of Dameris L., 38 Misc. 3d 570 (N.Y. Sur. Ct. 2012).

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