Call your representative about the Mass. SDM Bill TODAY!

The SDM bill is on the move in the House today and we need your help right now! Please take just five minutes and call your Representative to ask them to support the Massachusetts SDM bill which Rep. Aaron Vega has introduced in the House as amendment 36 to H. 4888.

Make sure your representative hears from you about how important an SDM bill is in Massachusetts!

You can find out who your Representative is here and call them to tell them you support the bill.
If you need help finding your Representative call Anna Krieger at the Center for Public Representation: 617-658-3675

Group of people standing together on steps of Massachusetts State HouseHere is what you can say on the call:

  • Tell them your name and where you live.
  • I am calling to express my support for the Supported Decision-Making legislation: Amendment 26 to H. 4888
  • SDM is important to me because… (Here you can explain who you are and why decision-making for people with disabilities is important to you. Are you a person who uses SDM? Do you have a loved one who uses SDM or would like to? etc.)
  • I urge the House to pass this important piece of legislation.
  • If they have questions, you can refer them to Anna Krieger at the Center for Public Representation: 617-658-3675.