CPR Publishes Two Seminal Law Review Articles on Supported Decision-Making

CPR’s national leadership on Supported Decision-Making (SDM) is reflected in two new law review articles: “Supported Decision-Making: Lessons from Pilot Projects,” 72 Syracuse L. Rev. 99 (2022); and “Supported Decision-Making: Potential and Challenges for Older Persons,” 72 Syracuse L. Rev. 165 (2022).

The first article explains how SDM has transformed the lives of many individuals with disabilities who participated in SDM pilot programs, including those led by CPR in Massachusetts and Georgia, and it outlines the key principles necessary for successful replication.

6 people standing in a circle with their arms outstretched and with overlapping hands, signaling teamwork and solidarity

The second article describes how SDM can be used to help older adults retain or regain their legal decision-making rights, and it includes recommendations for how to make SDM more accessible to that population.

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Both articles were drafted to inform the deliberations at the Fourth National Guardianship Conference, which resulted in key recommendations for promoting SDM.