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What are the benefits of Supported Decision-Making (SDM)?

  • Individual retains legal rights
  • Increases self-esteem, self-worth
  • Allows for personal growth and experiences
  • Reduces stigma
  • Individuals viewed as more capable of contributing to society

Who are the supporters?

A network of supporters can include family members, friends, caregivers, mentors, and other community members. They are chosen by the individual and know the person’s goals, preferences, and values, and respect his or her autonomy.

Some individuals have as few as two supporters or as many as ten, most have four to seven. The individual can designate specific supporters for specific issues and can add or remove supporters at any time.

What do supporters do?

The supporters assist the person so he or she can reach his or her own decisions, they help the person understand the choices at hand, and review options — the pros and the cons — of the pending issue. The supporters may also assist the person in communicating his or her intention to others.



I’m ready. How do I do this?

You can find information about SDM agreements online along with many other resources in our resource library.